A Scottish/Canadian Wedding at home on the family farm

Family farm

Over the last twenty years LITU Scottish wedding consultants have done an extraordinary number of weddings at a number of beautiful Scottish locations, hotels and castles. However, we also love to work with families who want to have their son or daughters wedding at home.

Getting married at home

If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful home, or in this case, a family farm to get married from – having your wedding at home is a real dream. You can wake up in your own bed, and be surrounded by happy memories as you prepare for the biggest day of your life. However, for the family involved, getting married at home can also bring with it a number of stresses and concerns that can put some people off. Will the logistics get too complicated, who will deal with all the suppliers, will the costs get out of hand, and who will direct things on the day, with no other staff there to direct people – while you are trying to get ready?

This is where I come in to your life, and this is how I was able to help my friend when she came to me and asked me to help with her daughters wedding at their home.

If you are thinking of planning a wedding at home and think you might appreciate a bit of support or help, just get in touch and we can chat about how I can help you to plan the perfect wedding day.

Wedding at homeA Canadian love story

Jane had originally gone to Australia on a working visa and a little bit of holiday with one of her brothers who lives over there – but she also met with Geoff! They fell in love but then Geoff had to return to Canada, and so Jane up sticks packed her bags and moved to Canada! She loved the life, they loved each other and so when the decision came they decided they would absolutely have to have their wedding at home, back at Janes family farm in Perthshire, Scotland.

Scottish Wedding Consultancy

Planning the wedding at home

What fun we had planning the day, wrapping a marquee around the house! Linda the brides mother worked tirelessly with making things, chapping things, varnishing things, painting things and putting things together, she was a star and loved every moment of it – her only daughter, this was to be the best celebration. And what a celebration it was – families and friends from both sides of the pond, it was a true Scottish wedding at home with good food, good cheer and good music, what more could you ask for to make the day swing.

I loved every moment of putting your wedding together with you – you were all an absolute joy to work with and I wish we could do it all over again! Jane and Geoff, it was a pleasure, you are very special people and I wish you the very best life can give you – happiness to you both.

Scottish groom

Kilted wedding

Scottish bride

The Groom

Heather pew ends

Bride's Mum and sons


Wedding at home

Wedding at home