The 5 F’s to finding the perfect wedding suppliers

A while ago I wrote a blog about the 5 “P’s” of planning a wedding and I think now we are into Spring, it’s also really important to pay attention to the 5 “F’s” when planning your special day and considering venues and wedding suppliers for your wedding. These are the people who will support and surround you and make the day smooth and fun – they are key people in the running of your wedding day.


A word we all use to some degree as a description for many things! A Cake, a place to visit, admiring a girl or guy or indeed, a venue. How often have we said “oh I fancy going there”. You need to go and explore the venues that you like the look of. A picture can tell many stories but you need to see inside the venue, understand how it works  – don’t just go by the pictures in magazines. Will it give you “forever memories” for all the right reasons?

Gilmerton House Wedding Venue


Meet your event person at the venue – meet your suppliers, they are all key people you are going to work with over the months prior to your wedding. Are they friendly and welcoming to you, do you think they will be nice people to work with, even after you have asked a million questions and visited several times!  Having looked at samples of suppliers, do they provide your style, do they fit with what you envisage – all important factors.

Wedding Planner


How flexible are they – to some extent, you’ll have to go along with what works for the venue as they know the property better than you do, but are they willing to compromise in certain areas, will they allow you to do that special thing that hasn’t been done before ?

The Cow Shed, Crail


Is it possible to host your wedding at that venue – distance wise for your guests, is it too far, or too much of a journey for those guests you really want to attend your wedding ? Does it have facilities if a guest or relative is disabled or cannot climb stairs, check out all the rules and regulations before you lay your deposit and become locked in. Is it going to stretch your budget to the absolute max, are you going to be in debt for the next “x” number of years to pay this off, is it giving you value for your money in your opinion,  and are you willing to pay this no matter what so you get what you want on the day?

Cow Shed Crail


What’s the food like? Go and have lunch or dinner and try it out. If hiring an exclusive property, I know that’s not so easy and you will have to wait for your tasting but check out the caterers, try and find out about them, see what kind of flair they have with their menus and of course, most of them are very flexible in as much as they will work with you on your likes and dislikes.

Wedding Suppliers

There is a lot to think about when making your choices both for venues and for suppliers –If it doesn’t work, flip the page and start over again OR why not come to us for assistance. We have been planning weddings for 21 years, we know most of the venues and the suppliers, the ones who are great and easy to work with and who will make the day such a pleasure and fun, we can guide you,  help you with sourcing or with full planning and coordination, it’s what we do at LITU.

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